What can my Internet Service Provider really know about me?

“The decision by Congress to vote to reverse privacy rules established by the Federal Communications Commission sends a clear message: You don’t have any privacy.” Francis Dinha, CEO of OpenVPN, Inc., and PrivateTunnel, explained this in his recent article on Forbes.

Perhaps you only think about your Internet Service Provider (ISP) when complaining about the cost of your bill or having connection issues. When was the last time you paused to think about what your ISP knows about you? With the recent change to rules by the FCC, that’s been on a lot more people’s minds. And, it turns out, your ISP knows pretty much everything about you. Here is a short list of some of what they know:

  1. The websites you visit
  2. How much time you spend on those websites
  3. Where you are downloading files
  4. Where you upload files
  5. Personal health information (based on browsing history)
  6. How actively you’re searching for a new job
  7. Your gender
  8. Where you live
  9. Even who you live with

What kind of picture does your internet metadata paint about you? Take a peek at the last days’ sites you’ve visited and piece together a profile of that person. It can be surprisingly private!

Since your ISP already knows your IP address and so much more, fight for your privacy! One way to protect your internet activity is to shield it from your ISP by using a VPN from a reputable company. When browsing this way, your ISP can only see that you are communicating with a Private Tunnel proxy server.

You can trust your mail carrier to deliver your mail because it’s physically obvious if he’s been opening and reading your bills. Do you trust your ISP to leave your data “unopened”?


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