Implement VPN today to update your security to cloud-operations, supporting your cloud infrastructure

It’s just another day in the office: sipping coffee and connected to the public Wi-Fi at your neighborhood coffee shop, emailing other mobile workers, some traveling, others you’ve never met face-to-face. This is today’s workforce. Data is no longer contained within the walls of your building. With the rise of cloud computing and the mobile workforce, even small businesses are expected to support working from anywhere and at any hour.

Our information systems were built on the old network, where everything was contained in hardware on site at headquarters. But today IT has a layer of new technology wrapped around that old hardware design. The new layer includes critical infrastructure using web services (Amazon, Rackspace, Windows Azure, etc.), software-as-a-service apps (Salesforce, Office 365, Dropbox, etc.), and mobile laptops, tablets and phones.

Security needs to change and evolve to support and protect the new IT landscape. Has yours? What does that even mean? Security needs to shift to the cloud as well.

How can you implement cloud security and provide a secure internet for your business? Here’s how a VPN helps you implement cloud-based security privacies:

  1. VPNs provide private, safe access to the internet anywhere users go by securing traffic between the device and the VPN servers.
  2. VPNs provide a first line of defense by routing traffic securely so hackers and spies can’t see data transmitted nor see your IP address.
  3. VPN’s first layer of security is authentication on their remote access server so you have an encrypted, tunneled connection.
  4. VPNs use tunneling. Data is sent privately over the internet, which means that your internet packets are each placed inside another data packet before being sent, providing an encapsulated layer of security.
  5. VPNs add an additional layer of protection by encrypting the packets, whether by using encryption keys or encapsulation headers.

Implement VPN for your business today and update your security to include more cloud-based infrastructure. You’ll better support your cloud-based software and data by making this important choice!



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