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These Three Technology Innovations Will Change Future

September 18, 2017 | Private Tunnel

A handful of rapidly evolving technology sectors will create enormous economic opportunities for the U.S., says Francis Dinha, CEO of OpenVPN, creator of Private Tunnel.

Automation, cloud computing and cybersecurity, and social media are the three categories he thinks will transform society for years to come. And unlike some observers who have painted technology as a job-killer that threatens to harm society’s most vulnerable, Dinha views those same products and services as having the potential to help people greatly.

“Yes, automation will require some retraining,” Dinha writes in his latest column for the Forbes Technology Council. “Workers will have to pay attention to different factors than they have previously, but this technology is really a complementary tool for our lifestyles.”

As entrepreneurs introduce that kind of new technology, Dinha says, economic opportunities will be created.

“The pace of progress isn’t slowing down,” Dinha points out. “We would do well to study these changes and adapt accordingly.”

To learn more about these three transformative technological trends, read Dinha’s column for the Forbes Technology Council.


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