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How Tech Tools Can Ward Off VPN’s Dark Side

May 17, 2017 | Private Tunnel

CEO Francis Dinha of OpenVPN explains the essential traits of a true online security platform. Unless the proper safeguards are in place, hackers and other bad actors can use VPN to engage in criminal activity.

The idea that any of us has freedom on the public cloud is an illusion, says Francis Dinha, CEO of OpenVPN, creator of Private Tunnel for consumers and businesses. In fact, cybercriminals have built a network that practically guarantees our private information will be exposed, sold and misused without additional security measures.

“Hackers can now pinpoint your location down to your home address,” Dinha writes in a recent online column for the Forbes Technology Council. “Talk about a scary situation.”

In his column, Dinha explains why all internet users should only work with internet security firms that take three critical steps:

  •     Uphold the integrity of their services by strictly complying with federal laws protecting copyrighted information.
  •     Require customers to “pay to play,” forcing would-be perpetrators to reveal personal financial information that could be used to connect them to online crime sprees.
  •     Cooperate with law-enforcement agencies in response to legal court processes.

“To ensure the best security tools are pushed in your direction, you must first be proactive at pushing your information through a VPN that will protect your privacy,” Dinha says.

To learn more about the hidden risks of the internet, read Dinha’s column for the Forbes Technology Council or visit Private Tunnel.

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Better Safe Than Sorry