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OpenVPN Warns of Dangerous Fake Phone Security Alerts

August 17, 2017 | Private Tunnel

Some mobile phone users have been given a security warning to download a virtual private network, something security experts warn is never legitimate.

OpenVPN, Inc is warning people to be aware of another twist in an online scam:  a fake warning that insists phone users download a Virtual Private Network (VPN) in order to protect their smartphones.

“A VPN will never solicit your business,” said Francis Dinha, CEO of OpenVPN, Inc. “They’re simply scams playing on the fears of people afraid they’re going to get hacked, but in reality, they’re just after your money.”

Santa Monica woman, who considers herself very tech-savvy, said she got the warning that said she had to download a VPN, claiming to be from Apple Security.  But it wasn’t from Apple security.  In a chat with Apple’s online help system, the representative confirmed that the warning was fake, and that it was just an attempt to get her credit card information to have her pay for a service that may not have even existed.

“Criminals are evolving from breaking into windows at people’s home, to breaking into their technology,” said Gary McCloud, VP of Business Development for OpenVPN, who was in law enforcement for decades before joining this tech team.

“Now, especially, is the time to watch out for your online activity and protect yourself with a product like OpenVPN and Private Tunnel as more people look to shop online during this busy season,” said Dinha.  “Just make sure you’re using the proper defenses when you do.”

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