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FCC Rule Reversal Strips Consumers of Internet Privacy

October 18, 2017 | Private Tunnel

Internet privacy suffers a blow with FCC’s rule reversal, CEO says in a recently published article on Forbes

The recent decision by Congress and President Donald Trump to roll back FCC privacy rules represents a win for Internet Service Providers and a loss for the average internet user. That’s according to Francis Dinha, CEO of OpenVPN, whose Private Tunnel consumer product has seen a 25 percent increase in app downloads, subscriptions and product purchases since the March policy changes.

“There’s finally more awareness about privacy and security,” Dinha writes in a recent online column for the Forbes Technology Council. “It’s time to rethink the internet and raise the red flag on the dangers lurking online.”

Dinha, who recently spoke to Buzzfeed about how to ensure privacy online, notes several advantages of using a paid VPN product to browse the web, including that they:

  • provide last mile security
  • help to prevent malware and ransomware
  • encrypt your data
  • allow you to connect to servers worldwide, keeping your IP address private

“Investing in a VPN is like investing in a home-security system,” Dinha explains. “Most people say they’ll never become the victim of a crime. But if it happens once, it’s too late.”

For more information on what these recent changes in Washington mean for the future of internet security, and how a VPN can keep you safe, read Dinha’s column for the Forbes Technology Council or visit Private Tunnel.


Better Safe Than Sorry