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WiFi tips for your Gym Workouts

January 30, 2018    |    VPN News    |    Private Tunnel

Most people at the gym have a mobile device, from phones to tablets to smartwatches. The coolest fitness tech from the last year involves these devices. It matters, more and more, to those working out at the gym that they have a way to stay connected. If your club of choice offers free WiFi, use these suggestions to level up your workout.

1. Use a VPN. Before you move on to any of the tips below, connect to a VPN after connecting to the public WiFi. This is a critical step for both your security and your privacy. You have no way of knowing if somebody on that network is using tools or software to “sniff” others’ connections, which could mean stolen information, including usernames and passwords! Protect yourself and your accounts by connecting with a VPN right away. Mobile devices have many apps that auto connect throughout the day, checking for notifications. Protect those connections by encrypting your data.

2. Start your fitness apps. There are a ton of awesome apps out there to help you get moving! Cool. Whether you like to use MyFitnessPal, Sworkit, Fit Radio, Lose It!, Runkeeper, or others, avoid using up all of your phone data by using the WiFi to run these. Use them to track calories burned, provide video tutorials or virtual trainers, share your progress with friends or others at the gym, and level up by using awesome tech features to enhance your workout. If you use an app, you’ll increase your activity, according to this recent study.

3. Stream music. Do you have a favorite workout song? Isn’t it impressive how it seems to give you extra energy when the beat starts pumping? Music is a great motivator that can level up your workout by boosting your mood and energizing you. Streaming data adds up fast, though, so using the WiFi really helps.

4. Watch a movie. Some gyms have cardio cinemas, and for those that dread the monotony of running on a treadmill, these can be a great choice. If your gym doesn’t have one, or the movie playing isn’t your favorite genre, put your headphones on and launch a streaming video. Watching a movie can provide the distraction you need to stop staring at the time or distance on the machine. Plus, if you only give yourself permission to watch your favorite Netflix show when you’re doing cardio at the gym, that can be extra motivation to get yourself there and get moving!

5. Stay connected. Whether you want to share your workout selfie on social media, need to check emails while you’re there, or want to catch up on the news, it’s faster to do this using WiFi.

We are part of a hyper-connected society today. Don’t worry about feeling out of touch with family, friends, or work while you’re at the gym; connect to their WiFi. Remember to be careful about your security and privacy and make the first step your must-have step every time you connect. With a secure VPN connection, you won’t have any worries about your account information while streaming music, using fitness apps, watching a movie, or checking emails. Private Tunnel supports Android and iOS for your mobile devices. An affordable, monthly subscription will give you peace of mind while you burn some serious calories.

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