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Why Private Tunnel

October 8, 2015    |    In the Press    |    Private Tunnel

As the CEO of OpenVPN Technologies, with clients such as Google, Samsung and Tesla, Francis Dinha was recntly featured on the popular podcast Rules of Success, where he shares his journey from his humble beginnings in Northern Iraq to the USA. Francis oversees the development of their industry standard OpenVPN protocol along with OpenVPN Access Server and Private Tunnel VPN products.

In the first segment, the host and Francis discuss overcoming the hardships of Iraq and how he ended up in Sweden and ultimately in the United States. He shares the things that have made the most impact on him, including his exposure to Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” in the mid 1980’s. If you identify and enjoy stories of overcoming odds and the will to succeed, then this interview is for you!

In the second segment they talk about Private Tunnel, the VPN service that he now runs with a group of talented engineers. In the course of their discussion, they pinpoint the key strategies for effective business building, and outlines why choosing the right people is the recipe for success. Francis also divulges his answer to the question every tech company has to ask itself: to VC Fund or not to VC Fund?

It’s an interview that will be enjoyable for our customers, every day people who want motivation and find inspiration through other people’s stories and challenges, and also for any entrepreneur-spirited person looking to make the leap into the business world.

CLICK HERE to listen to the Rules of Success podcast featuring Private Tunnel’s CEO Francis Dinha.

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