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How a VPN can fuel growth for your small business through a secure network

April 17, 2018    |    VPN News    |    Lauren Elkins

As a small business owner, you’re vigilant about making the best decisions for the growth of your business. One important consideration is the security of your data and network. If you haven’t implemented VPN technology, here are 6 big reasons why it’s not only good for business but good for growth!

1. Grant encrypted employee access off-site. You have an easy way to increase the productivity of your workforce. Give them access whenever and wherever. It’s important to do so by using the safest encryption, which is why a VPN is a must have. By deploying it, you can provide the enticing benefit of being able to work from anywhere, anytime.

2. Share pre-existing network resources with partners and vendors through a secure connection. Did you know that at the end of last year, Small Business Labs reported a 37% increase in hiring gig workers, as disclosed by the business owners? Guess how much they increased in hiring full-time employees? Just 13%. Maybe you are one of the business owners who could add a 12% increase in part-time independent contractors to your 37% to have just about a 50% increase in hiring people outside of your secure network. Provide them with a secure connection to it through a VPN. This also gives you the security of managing the access so when the contract is up and you’ve moved on to the next project, you can close the network to them.

3. Keep overhead low by using experienced contractors and vendors. An on-demand workforce like that described above provides some pretty awesome flexibility for small businesses to find just the right fit for your needs and budget. Remember, every time you hire a consultant or gig worker, you’re hiring specialized expertise. That’s an important benefit for your business. Make sure you keep the data connections encrypted through VPN.

4. Allow access to only a portion of your network. Only provide access to selected services, applications and data. This is more secure than providing access to your entire network.

5. Save money from possible cyber security issues such as employees using public WiFi at a coffee shop to check email. Anytime you or your employees log in using public WiFi, anyone can see what they’re doing until they go though the encrypted tunnel of a VPN. Make sure it’s happening.

6. Real-time connection. When you have secure access to your network 24/7, you have the ability to check systems such as on-site cameras, payroll and vital customer data whenever you need it most. Don’t get disconnected from your business because you’re not within its walls.

Include VPN as an important tool for your small business and reap these benefits. Start your free trial today.

Better Safe Than Sorry