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Celebrating the good things that happened this year in cyber security

December 25, 2018    |    Cyber Security    |    Private Tunnel

Bad news makes headlines, especially when it comes to cybersecurity. The biggest breaches get shouted across all the big news outlets, shared on social media and repeated again and again as the examples of what not to do. Unfortunately, the good things that happen don’t exactly get the same coverage, so it can seem like everything’s getting worse. But the cybersecurity landscape of the last year isn’t all gloom and doom — there was more to this year than hacks and breaches, malware and viruses.

Let’s take a few minutes during this holiday season and look back at some of the positive events and advances we’ve made together. Here are some of the changes and stories in cybersecurity that are worth celebrating.

Will you raise a glass and toast the cyber security wins of 2018 with us?

  • We’ve seen exponential growth of VPN downloads, which means individuals and businesses are more aware of and proactive about their online privacy. As understanding grows, so do better security practices, and when individuals do better, the group as a whole benefits. The more we spread positive privacy practices, the more protection all data is afforded. Next year, we’re confident we’ll see this awareness and use continue to grow. Tech adoption increases as it moves from abstruse tools to user-friendly apps. VPNs were once difficult to configure and set up, requiring particular network knowledge and understanding. Today, you can be encrypted and safely browsing within minutes by downloading an app like Private Tunnel.
  • Multi-factor authentication is an option (and even required) on most major sites. This stronger password practice continues to grow in use across the internet. Improved password protection is a definite plus. Companies and individuals continue to grow in their understanding of smart password practices, such as using unique passwords or a password manager.
  • The internet is better secured thanks to the broad adoption of HTTPS. Urged on by efforts such as Google’s Chrome browser visually highlighting which sites have SSL certificates, all users are experiencing a more secure online experience. The amount of data flowing across the internet each day, even each minute, is unfathomable. The more we encrypt it, from VPNs to HTTPS, the smarter we’re browsing. The internet is better when it’s more secure and has more respect for our privacy.

As the year comes to a close, the good news is that cyber security continues to improve. Many organizations are working hard and remain dedicated to the ideal of data protection. Cheers to a happy holiday and stronger privacy as we ring in a new year!

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