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How PrivateTunnel stands out in a crowded VPN world

April 24, 2018    |    Company News    |    Lauren Elkins

A VPN You Can Trust

You want to browse safely as well as connect to important, cloud-based services like email, file storage and social networking, but you don’t want the person sitting at the coffee table behind you to snag your information. You need a VPN service provider. But can you trust a VPN? And if so, which one?

A virtual private network (VPN) protects your data by creating a private, secure network between your device (phone, tablet, laptop) and anything you connect with (internet, server, work network). It’s called virtual because it’s a software-based network. In a home network, it’s created by hardware: your modem, connected to a router, connected to your ethernet plug or wireless connection.

Think of it like taking a ride in a taxi. When you catch a ride using public WiFi, everyone can follow you as you take the taxi from one location to the next, broadcasting your identity to everyone traveling the same road. However, when you go through a VPN, you catch a ride in a private helicopter. Sit back and enjoy the stunning views while you’re securely taken to your destination. Nobody can follow you, and nobody knows what you’re doing inside your ride.

Can You Trust a VPN?

A lot of people ask, “Can you trust a VPN?” And the answer is that, like any product, not all VPNs are created equal. You need to make sure you use a VPN you can trust — which is no easy task, since the market is absolutely saturated with countless VPN options.

There are three warning signs to look out for to help you determine when a VPN isn’t worthy of your trust:

  1. Fake Server Locations
    A lot of trustworthy VPN providers will tell you they have servers in a particular location, when they actually don’t. They do this because having more servers and more locations makes them seem more impressive, but these fake servers can negatively impact your privacy. Make sure you do your research, and make sure your VPN provider hasn’t been caught using fake server locations.
  2. Not Identifying Parent and Partner Companies
    It’s really important to know who the parent or partner company of your VPN is. For instance — the parent company of Private Tunnel is OpenVPN, the industry leader for VPN protocols. See how easy that was? But if that information isn’t readily available for other VPNs, that’s a major red flag. You want to make sure your VPN partners with a reputable, ethical company — not one that is known for IP leaks, or security vulnerabilities. A trustworthy VPN will make the information readily available, a sketchy VPN will hide it.
  3. Unclear Revenue Models
    A trustworthy VPN will always be clear about how they make their money — if a company isn’t upfront about that, it’s probably hiding something. A lot of VPNs on the market harvest and sell your data to advertisers and marketers, which means your information is even more at risk than not using a VPN at all. Make sure your VPN provider makes its money off of service subscriptions — not from selling your data. Make sure you are the customer, not the product.

A VPN You Can Trust

If you want a reputable, trustworthy personal VPN, Private Tunnel’s VPN technology has been downloaded by millions of people and businesses worldwide. But how does it stand out as an excellent VPN in a crowded marketplace? Here are 7 ways we provide you with a VPN you can trust:

  1. PrivateTunnel is created by the same team that created the OPENVPN TECHNOLOGY, the de facto standard in the open source networking space. The team is filled with a wealth of knowledge, innovation, and competency — all of which is part of Private Tunnel.
  2. Easy sign up and easy cancellation. You can start today with a FREE TRIAL, which doesn’t require any financial information at all. Then if you decide to purchase a subscription and over time your needs change, it’s easy to put your account on hold or cancel. We don’t make you jump through any hoops — it’s your subscription, on your terms.
  3. Clear TERMS OF SERVICE spelled out on our website. We believe it’s important for businesses to be clear about how they respect and handle your data — after all, it’s YOUR data, not theirs. We spell our terms of service out for you so that you know exactly how we are taking care of you and respecting your privacy.
  4. 24/7 customer support. We provide online chat from anywhere on our site as well as an online SUPPORT CENTER with articles to answer questions. We are here for you around the clock to make sure you are supported.
  5. KNOWLEDGEBASE articles for the DIYers. Browse through the sections to find answers on your own. We offer answers to billing and account questions, connection questions, and other FAQs.
  6. Top notch ENCRYPTION: We encrypt your data transmissions with the 128-bit AES-GCM encryption standard. It’s very fast, yet gives you the highest level of security. That way you don’t have to compromise on speed or privacy.
  7. Our PRIVACY POLICY. Similar to our terms of service, we also spell out our privacy policy in detail on our website. We respect and value your privacy, and we want you to be confident that your data is being handled the way you want.

So how does PrivateTunnel stand out in the crowded VPN marketplace? By being a VPN you can trust, without any doubt, 100% of the time. Regardless of what VPN you choose (and we hope you choose ours!) make sure you are using a VPN that will secure your data and respect your privacy the way they should. You don’t have to compromise — so don’t!

Better Safe Than Sorry