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Private Tunnel is featured on Fox’s Good Day Colorado

October 7, 2015    |    Company News    |    Private Tunnel

What’s the big deal about securing your Internet connection anyway? Fox’s Kirk Yuhnke the Tech Junkie talks about the importance of hiding your IP address, especially on public wi-fi. KDVR’s Good Day Colorado Morning Anchor even highlighted Private Tunnel as the go-to VPN for users.

Our CEO, Francis Dinha was interviewed via Skype about cyber security and outlined the necessity for using a virtual private network like Private Tunnel, saying “Basically when you’re surfing the net you’re revealing your public IP address out there, so revealing your public IP address at home is like giving your physical address where you live. They can take your IP address and maliciously attack you.”

Here’s a link to the tech segment in case you missed it.

Fox Interview with Private Tunnel CEO

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