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Private Tunnel Has a New Pricing Plan

May 22, 2019    |    Company News    |    Private Tunnel

Cybersecurity threats keep increasing — and so do the number of devices and the amount of data available for cybercriminals to target. To do our part in combating these growing risks, we are introducing a brand new pricing model that is going to make security more accessible and more affordable for all of our users.

We want everyone to be as safe and secure as possible — and we believe our new pricing structure will help.

More Devices + More Savings = More Security

The key change with the new Private Tunnel pricing plan is that our users can easily connect more devices than ever (as many as you need) — at an extremely affordable rate. The more devices you protect, the cheaper it becomes per device. We decided to make this change because we understand that a lot of households and small businesses who aren’t quite at the level of having their own private network still want to provide strong cybersecurity to their devices.

Gone are the days where families shared one computer and one phone: now almost everyone has their own cell phone, laptop, desktop computer, iPad, tablet, and more. In fact, the typical American household contains five or more of these devices. And with the rate technology is advancing, the statistics might eventually shift to be five+ devices per person, rather than just per household.

Additionally, a lot of teams are now able to operate out of different locations — in their homes, from coffee shops, in hotels, and at airports. It is essential that they are able to keep their devices and data protected while operating on unsecured public Wifi — and there should be an affordable way to provide a safe online experience, regardless of whether there are 5 devices, 25, or 50.

So for that reason, we decided it was time for our users to be able to connect even more devices, for even less money. With our new plan, the more devices you add, the cheaper it becomes per device.

For businesses that would like additional features, such as the ability to provide remote access to their own internal network, Access Server is an award winning enterprise solution that offers cybersecurity, remote access, and access control for organizations of all sizes.

OpenVPN Access Server Business VPN solution

Our new pricing plan

If you would like to add more than 100 devices to your account, you can contact our sales team.

For our users that have held off on securing device number four, five, fifty, or one hundred — now’s the time to add them and save a pretty substantial percentage on cost.

Private Tunnel has always been the most economical consumer VPN on the market, and with these changes, we are taking affordability to a whole new level.

Our pricing change basically boils down to this: we believe cybersecurity is essential to succeeding in today’s world. It’s time to protect all of your connected devices— and our new plan makes it possible for users across the globe.

Note: All of our current users will be grandfathered into the old plan until their subscription ends, or until they choose to upgrade — whichever comes first. You can review your current plan details by visiting Your Account. And as always, we are happy to speak with you and assist with any questions you might have. Please reach our support team or create a ticket here.

Better Safe Than Sorry