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CEO of OpenVPN Issues Stern Warning after FCC Ruling

March 22, 2017    |    Cyber Security    |    Private Tunnel

“The overturning of the FCC rules speaks volumes that you and your organization simply can’t trust Internet Service Providers (ISPs) with your privacy and security,” said Dinha, whose company’s open source software powers their consumer and small business product, Private Tunnel.

Marketers and ISPs are applauding the move, while Internet advocacy groups like the Electronic Frontier Foundation are actively mobilizing to stop the House of Representatives and President Trump from approving the change.

“This is the type of monitoring Private Tunnel aims to help customers avoid, so we’ve been keeping our fingers on the pulse of this issue to break down what it all means and why it’s important for your online security,” says Dinha.

“Blocking this FCC rule is one more step toward the government and corporations taking control of the content we access.”

How VPNs Stop Unethical Monitoring

Although a simple concept, VPNs protect you on multiple levels.

“During this week we’ve experienced a 25% surge of Private Tunnel app downloads due to the overturning of FCC rules, which signals how important privacy and security are to people,” says Dinha.

By using a VPN across all your devices, ISPs can see that you’re sending and receiving data, but only to the point of the VPN. They also can’t see what data you’re sending because it’s encrypted before being sent from your device to the ISP. It’s like upgrading your magnetic strip to a chipped card or digital wallet

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