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Is cyber security the responsibility of the tech giants?

November 20, 2018    |    Company News    |    Private Tunnel

At this year’s Black Hat cyber security conference, one presenter suggested that the tech giants should be responsible for safety online, rather than individuals. Is that the future of cyber security — or will we need to continue to be alert and aware of our personal privacy?

Parisa Tabriz, Google’s director of engineering, focused her keynote on this notion of individuals growing unconcerned about cybersecurity: “The end of the journey is for people creating content on the web, the vast majority of them don’t even have to think about it—it’s just by default.”

Over the last several years, Google has been focusing on cybersecurity as a priority, something we commend them on. According to Tabriz, they have been incrementally rolling out new security features a little at a time.

With the excessive headlines about data breaches these days, we’ve all experienced warning fatigue. We’ve heard about cyber attacks so much, we’ve become numb. We no longer hear them or focus on them for long. Similarly, Google found that if they implement changes too quickly, users simply click through the warnings because they feel bombarded.

“What’s this new, lengthy error message about clicking through to some sort of unsecure website?” they might ask. “I went to this website last week. I don’t get this. Where do I click to make this go away?” People simply click through.

To make cybersecurity happen so that individuals don’t worry about it or perceive it, though, more companies than Google need to make an effort. Tabriz talked about Google partnering with Mozilla and Let’s Encrypt to help push HTTPS adoption. Will the other tech giants get on board?

Don’t hold your breath. Even if Google is able to rally the troops, Tabriz didn’t have an estimated time frame: “I don’t know when that will happen, but I think things are moving in the right direction.”

Today, you need to continue to realize that your security is always your responsibility. That’s why your VPN is so important: it encrypts your data on public networks and shields it from ISPs that are no longer regulated against data mining. Make sure you choose a trustworthy VPN as well — free VPNs will data mine, but Private Tunnel never will. You pay a low fee, but because of that, we never sell your data. Our number one priority is your privacy.

We aim to be transparent about how we manage your data and provide you with privacy. For more information about it, we have a thorough privacy policy that covers everything from the information we collect to what we do with it, and your consent. We are doing our part to provide privacy and cybersecurity so individuals have less to worry about online.

It’ll be interesting to watch and see how much the tech giants can provide security. Some days, it feels like they need to figure out how to secure themselves first — before they can extend their reach to others!

Better Safe Than Sorry