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The growth of tech in smaller cities

February 6, 2018    |    Cyber Security    |    Private Tunnel

In the past, large corporations concentrated their workforce in a few large markets such as New York or Silicon Valley in the United States. In 2017, however, we saw “explosive growth in places like Denver, Detroit, Houston, Nashville, Pittsburgh and Salt Lake City,” explained Glenn Kelman, CEO of Redfin. Kelman referred to it as the new great migration, something that will reshape the country as businesses leave Silicon Valley and Wall Street.

Amazon’s search for another headquarters has been in the news as cities “bid” for the chance to host. While word has been quiet for several weeks, the latest news stories listed southern cities as some of the possible top choices.

The high price tag of living and doing business in big cities is partially the reason for these changes, but technology has opened the doors to support relocation and virtual teams.

Today’s economy supports the abilities to work from anywhere, thanks to great technologies that connect teams. 

This includes:

Trello boards,  Slack threads, GitHub repositories, Skype calls,  Dropbox folders, Google Drive document storage, Wrike document collaboration, Redbooth video chat, Azendoo task management and endless other options.

It may feel daunting to support virtual teams and their needed tech, so it’s important to choose tools that are used across the company and support the best security. When you have virtual workers, it’s also important to implement security practices for working on remote networks. Implementing a VPN to bring all of your colleagues onto the same network has collaboration advantages but also offers security necessities, encrypting data no matter the network connection they’re on, whether it’s a public Wi-Fi, home network or satellite office.

Kelman predicts an interesting possibility from this migration: “As people move, America may become less polarized.” That’s a possibility we could get behind.

Where do you search for great talent in today’s market? Are you enticed to migrate to the new, growing hubs of tech across the country, or do you already live in one of them?

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