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Media Touts our Unique Business Model

September 2, 2015    |    Company News    |    Private Tunnel

It is true. Our business model here at Private Tunnel is unique. Some, like PC Advisor may call it unusual and that’s because it is. We want to differentiate ourselves from the competition in a big way. Private Tunnel only charges for the data you use. Why is that such a big deal?

“We want our service to be a real value for our customers and we accomplish this by providing reliability and credibility in our products. The advantage of our pay as you go model is that you only purchase what you need, this really benefits the occasional user,” says Francis Dinha, CEO of OpenVPN Technologies Inc., and its sister company Private Tunnel.

We don’t sell you VPN server access by the month or even annually. Private Tunnel simply meters the data you use and adding data is easy. We also understand the concept of “try it before you buy it” so we offer our first time customers FREE data to start. Pretty handy if you ask us, and PC Advisor agrees. This means you get to try our service with zero obligation. If the service is as great as we believe it is, we know you’ll be back.

Some of the other benefits to our service is our incredible referral program. We appreciate loyalty and we are just as thankful to the customers who recommend Private Tunnel to their family, friends and colleagues. For every person you get to use our service, we give you 500 MB data for free and when they purchase, you’ll get a full 10 GB!

We also appreciate PC Advisor pointing out something key in their article. Our core OpenVPN software that Private Tunnel runs over incorporates PFS – Perfect Forward Secrecy by generating a new random key every time data is transmitted and this is huge in thwarting hackers or anyone attempting to capture your session traffic.

“Due to the increased mass media coverage of Cyber-Attacks such as Target, Anthem, Sony and others, consumers and businesses are becoming more aware of the associated risks and consequences. Hackers are targeting small business and consumers at an increased rate because these are softer targets. An employee working over WI-FI network such as a coffee shop, airport, or hotel, could allow a hacker an entry point to company data, accounts, or personal information. All consumers and employees should seriously consider using a VPN service such as Private Tunnel when sending data over any network,” says Dinha.

Read the rest of Andrew Harrison’s review of our service in PC Advisor HERE

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