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Countdown to Black Friday: a Cyber Criminal’s Playground

November 4, 2015    |    Cyber Security    |    Private Tunnel

Is it too soon to plot your tech buys for Black Friday and Cyber Monday? While millions of consumers are already mapping out their game plan to purchase the hottest tech toys on the market, cyber criminals are anxiously awaiting to strike the influx of eager online shoppers. Personal cyber security will be the last thing they’re thinking about.

“Mobile shopping is increasing each year and unfortunately when the bargain rush hits, most consumers are letting convenience trump security.  By using unsecure WI-FI hot spots to do online shopping or check their online shopping, they become vulnerable to cyber attackers that can wipe out their accounts,” says Francis Dinha, CEO of OpenVPN Technologies Inc.  

Last year’s Black Friday set another record with 140 million people surfing online stores for the best deals. They collectively spent over $50 billion and individually $380. 2015’s numbers are expected to increase by 13%.

So what does the increase in web traffic mean for you? Probably not much until you realize the online world is a cyber criminal’s oyster. It’s a playground filled with hundreds of millions of people who are vulnerable to being victimized. From man in the middle attacks to phishing schemes, there are many different techniques hackers use to infiltrate your systems to gain access to your personal information.

“I recently read where a 7 year-old was able to hack into a Wi-Fi network in 11 minutes after watching a simple tutorial – this shows how easy it is for someone to steal your information or identity.  Cyber-thieves can do what’s called a ‘Man In The Middle’ attack, using a software program to intercept your web traffic and begin eavesdropping.  By creating a rogue access point this is exactly what the young girl was able to accomplish,” says Dinha.

We want to help you fly below the radar and protect you from their reach. The easiest and most cost effective way for protection is to surf the Internet from a secure Wi-Fi connection. It’s as simple as connecting to a reliable and trustworthy VPN like Private Tunnel.

Some of the benefits of our service are listed below.

Secure Internet Access

Encrypting data transfer to prevent spoofing and malicious man-in-the middle attacks

Private Internet Access

Providing Private Internet Access when surfing the web

Protect Internet Access

Protecting against Denial of Service attacks

Block Malicious Web Sites

Blocking web sites containing malicious code and malwares

Connect Wherever You Are

Circumventing firewalls to unblock access from regions across the globe

Downloading our service is simple and free. You simply pay for the data you use, and the first 500 MB is on us. Go to our homepage, to sign up today.

Black Friday officials kicks off the day after Thanksgiving, but really begins November 1st when Amazon launches its “Countdown to Black Friday” campaign.

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