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7 benefits of open source software

July 25, 2017    |    Cyber Security    |    Private Tunnel

PrivateTunnel loves open source software! We’re built on OpenVPN, an award-winning, industry leader VPN that is open source. Have you considered using open source software for different business processes? Why should you and your business love open source software, too? Check out our 7 excellent reasons why, right here!

  1. Peer review means reliability. Open source software has a reputation, well deserved over many years, of being reliable and robust thanks to development within community forums and collaboration.
  2. You can find substantial cost savings. Because it’s developed by volunteers and few (if any) paid developers, its overhead is low. This means savings for you. Plus, you won’t usually have to pay a per-user license fee.
  3. You don’t have to be locked in with one vendor. Any company can take open source software and build upon it. No one company owns the software, so if you need to switch vendors, you can likely find another company to work with, using the same initial, open source.
  4. It’s secure. Thanks to the community forums and collaboration, anyone can examine it for security flaws and many do. Often. Problems and vulnerabilities are identified and reported in this way. Fixes and patches are then developed and deployed this way as well.
  5. You can try it for free. Typically, there is not a commitment required to try it out first.
  6. Support may even be free. Open source software typically has online communities that provide documentation, forums, wikis and even live chats for support. Paid support options may also be available in addition to that for businesses wanting a little extra.
  7. It plays well with others. Developers and users come from a wide variety of configurations. PC? Mac? Linux? IE? Firefox? Chrome? Safari? Win7? Win10? Office? Google Docs? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. And on. If you’re looking for open standards, open source is the way to go.

When looking to use open source software, price isn’t the only reason your business will love it. What could you add to our list?

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