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5 ways a VPN protects your small business

March 6, 2018    |    Company News    |    Lauren Elkins

VPN Solutions for Small Business

Thanks to advancing technology, small businesses have the ability to compete with and disrupt big businesses in today’s economy. Every company, regardless of industry or size, should think of themselves as a technology company. Because of technological advances, the barriers to entry that used to protect established companies (and make it harder for the “new guy” to be successful) are significantly lower. There are plenty of tools to help small businesses make it big, like Salesforce Essentials, Shopify, or GoDaddy. This is a huge opportunity for smaller businesses and entrepreneurs — you can think of today as “the era of the startup.”

However, even though technology can level the playing field in some areas, small businesses need to get creative to compete with those big firms in terms of money to invest in business tools. One important thing that is often overlooked is a VPN solution. Small business security isn’t complete without a VPN — the benefits are just too great.

There are five ways a VPN protects your business and helps you keep ahead of the competition — and with the low cost of investing in this technology, you’ll find that it’s both affordable and well worth the money spent for your small business.

5 Ways a VPN Protects Your Small Business Interests

  1. It’s about security. No matter the size of the business, everyone is a target for cyber criminals. Small businesses may even draw more attention because they tend to have a looser security setup. A VPN should be an important part of your cyber security plan in order to protect network traffic.
  2. It’s more affordable than other security solutions. VPNs have low monthly costs, making them affordable for every business. It’s a security choice that’s budget-friendly and makes an instant impact on your privacy.
  3. It offers remote access from temporary locations. Whether from coffee shops, co-working spaces, or shared wireless at an industry conference, small business owners and employees often connect from networks that aren’t owned and operated by the business. This is both a security and a privacy risk, but it’s easily managed by routing all traffic through a VPN. By providing secure remote access, you and your employees can get work done whenever and wherever you need to.
  4. It allows you to diversify and grow your employee base safely. Small businesses work with freelancers and provisional employees at a higher rate. In fact, SMALL BUSINESS TRENDS reported that 40% of gig-economy hiring is done by small businesses. This is awesome for its flexibility, but scary if security and privacy aren’t considered. When providing these contractors access to the network, doing so through a VPN adds important encryption and gives you more control over shutting down access at the end of the contract.
  5. You can attract customers with free WiFi without compromising your network. According to Small Biz Trends, offering free WiFi to customers can be a huge benefit, because it increases the time people stay on your premises. Consumers tend to stay longer if they can use their tablets and laptops via WiFi. This is a great enticement that doesn’t add much overhead — but it must be done correctly. You can provide this access through a guest network, separate from your regular business WiFi, and protect your network further with a VPN.

Setting up a VPN for your business doesn’t have to be an expensive or complicated endeavor, and the benefits of the added privacy and security make this solution a must-have. By implementing VPN solutions, a small business can amp up their security and protect their data — all while growing and thriving in a competitive industry.

Better Safe Than Sorry