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5 Highly-Needed Future Careers That Will Guarantee You a Great Job

October 9, 2018    |    Company News    |    Private Tunnel

What are some of the top jobs needed in the future? Without a doubt, technology is a field that is growing at such a rapid rate, there are more jobs available than there are people to do those jobs. In fact — it is predicted that by 2030 that the talent shortage in TLM (technology, media, and telecommunications) will reach a staggering 4.3 million. Tech is obviously a high-demand field that will only continue to grow, and continues to have a massive impact on determining which jobs will be most needed in the future. If you want to guarantee that YOU will be in high demand, look to tech. Here are five highly needed careers in IT that are just waiting for you to get started.

Great Careers For the Future:

  1. Developers. Developers are highly needed today, and that need will ONLY GROW. Companies of all sizes in every industry need to keep up with digital transformation — incorporating technology into their organizations. Developers are the ones who will deliver those services: small businesses might partner with vendors to access skilled programmers, and mid- to large-size organizations in every industry will need developers among their cast of characters for software interfaces, in-house projects, machine integrations — and on and on. Not to mention companies that are specifically in the tech industries will most definitely continue to hire expert coders to craft their product.
  2. AI & Automation. Machine learning, AI and automation will continue to drive business. Companies that successfully adopt them will thrive. Those that miss the boat will get crushed under the weight of DIGITAL DISRUPTIONS. While jobs will be replaced by these new technologies, other jobs will be created to work on and with them. The question is: do you want to be affected, or do you want to affect, the robots?
  3. IoT. The future of IoT is here, but we don’t know what the future IT careers around it will be called just yet. What do you think? Each industry pulls these devices into their processes through unique use cases, making it a hard career path to pin down with a specific new job title. Perhaps the latest tech and interactions will be wrapped up in the job requirements of engineers. Maybe they’ll be on a team with programmers, UX designers and the IoT devices themselves. Do you think the IoT team members will dress differently on casual Friday? Hopefully, they’ll abide by all of the corporate CYBERSECURITY RULES!
  4. Cybersecurity specialists. Already one of the most in-demand future IT careers, cybersecurity is an absolute guaranteed job. It’s expected to have an intense shortage of qualified candidates to fill the spots within only a few short years. This means those with the skills will have their pick from the companies they want to work for in every sector and every country. There’s a reason VPN understanding and use have skyrocketed within the last year. We are understanding the risks more and more, and taking measures to protect ourselves and our information. Companies will need the experts on staff to help them do this as well.
  5. Data scientists, data engineers, big data rock stars. They’re going to be highly needed! The amount of data we now collect each minute is utterly astounding. It won’t do a thing for us, though, if it’s merely dumped into a database somewhere. Jobs in data analysis will be in high demand so that companies can refine this resource and turn it into digital gold. Those that can use it to create incredible customer experiences will basically be the superheroes of their companies.

In his FORBES COLUMN, OpenVPN CEO Francis Dinha shared this insight about the landscape of tech and businesses: “Technology is a broad and ever-changing business category, so it would be impossible to capture the magnitude of the renaissance our society is experiencing.” It’s exciting to see the changes technology is bringing to ensure great careers for the future. Which of these are you most excited to be a part of?

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