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3 reasons to use VPN you haven’t thought of before

September 14, 2017    |    Cyber Security    |    Private Tunnel

If you’re familiar with a VPN, you’d think of it for some of the more obvious uses, such as connecting to a corporate network, getting around region restrictions, and hiding your online traffic from your internet service provider. Just for the fun of it, let’s see if you thought about these three reasons for using a VPN.

  1. You don’t want Google tracking you so much. Every time you search on Google, it remembers. It’s the trade-off we’ve all allowed to access their free services. But maybe today you don’t want in. It’s nice to have the free services, sure, and maybe we couldn’t live without them anymore (I mean, it is in our lexicon now to “google that”), but you can go Google dark and hide your search logging by connecting through a VPN.
  2. To research the competition. You want to hit up the site of your competitor, but you don’t want them to know you stopped by. A VPN can take care of that for you. Rather than sending your IP address over to your competitors, send them an IP address from the VPN server so what they see in their Google Analytics shows an entirely different geo-demographic than your connection via your ISP.
  3. You’re a cafe hopper. You like to start your day with a great cup of coffee and find it a morning adventure to try out different coffee shops. As long as they have free WiFi, though! However, that network is unsecured, so when you connect, you’re broadcasting all of your browsing publicly. Anyone can download free software to “sniff” those networks and grab login credentials, sites visited, messages sent, and more. It doesn’t take an experienced cyber criminal to pull that off. But when you connect to those networks then immediately start up your VPN connection, your data is encrypted, and those prying eyes can’t see a thing. Enjoy your coffee and your browsing without worrying about stolen data.

There are a ton of reasons, in addition to these 3, for using a VPN. The hardest choice may be finding the right fit for you. We hope it’s us. Feel free to sign up today.

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