Senior DevOps Engineer

OpenVPN is developing the next-generation of secure and scalable communication platform to connect every device securely through the ubiquitous Internet to any Private Cloud, Private Network, and Public Network resources and applications. Building continued success at OpenVPN is about having a committed staff inspired by our vision. Our values include providing autonomy to our employees. The freedom with this kind of flexibility allows our team space to be more creative, which is an important factor for innovative ideas. At OpenVPN, we don’t believe in a hierarchy - this means nothing is above anyone’s ‘pay grade’, including our CEO. We believe in teamwork and communicating openly with each other to solve problems. Join our team today.We are currently in need of a qualified DevOps Engineer to complement our current Infrastructure/Dev team

What You’ll Do:

We have a global hybrid infrastructure supporting many different products and services and need a qualified DevOp to help manage and build our current infrastructure as well as plan infrastructure for future growth and products. You will be working with other qualified DevOps and Sysadmins to keep performance, stability, and scalability at optimal levels. You will be challenged with new software, hardware, and technology and be in constant communication with operations teams and dev teams.


  • Strong background in Linux Administration
  • Experience in networking, tcp/ip, OSI model, VPN technology
  • Working understanding of Python, PHP, MySQL, MongoDB, Apache Cassandra, Restful API’s
  • BASH and Perl scripting skills
  • Strong knowledge in web server technologies, specifically nginx
  • Experience in working with bare metal servers, vms, and cloud platforms
  • Experience in container orchestration and deployment (Docker, AWS ECS/Fargate, Git, Jenkins)
  • Strong grasp of automation and automation tools (Puppet, Ansible etc)
  • Ability to use a wide variety of open source tools
  • Knowledge in authentication tools (LDAP, FreeIPA, Radius, Duo etc)
  • Good documentation skills
  • Can take initiatives on their own and work independently

Nice to have:

  • Strong database skills
  • Deep knowledge in AWS

Who We Are

We’re an Agile team! We are thought leaders who believe in continuous learning, self-initiative, and strong leadership. We share what we learn because we’re on a quest for continuous improvement and the continued success of our company.

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