Senior Application Developer

OpenVPN is the premier open source VPN technology in the world.We are seeking a senior application developer to build apps on Windows, OSX, iOS, Android and Linux, using web based interfaces. Required skills include HTML, Javascript, Ajax, C++, Java, and Web Services. The ideal candidate will possess the skills to develop powerful yet intuitive user interfaces to complex back-end APIs. Knowledge of VPN, networking, security, and cloud technologies is highly desirable.Join our team as we develop OpenVPN into a world-class VPN solution targeting multiple markets from consumer to small business to enterprise.

Experience required

  • At least 5 years experience in programming languages including Javascript (Angular.js and React/React Native), Java, C/C++, Objective-C as well as HTML5/CSS
  • Webtool browser kits for various OS Environments (Webkit, V8, CEF)
  • OS Programming Environments: Linux, Windows, Mac, and Mobile (iOS, Android) app development environment
  • VPN and network security experience
  • Networking, routing, and security
  • Web Services (XML-RPC, REST)
  • App UI design skills, on both desktop and mobile
We need a developer who is able to work with a high degree of autonomy (i.e. able to work and be innovative given general goals, with minimal supervision needed). Documentation skills are required – all work has to be properly documented for the rest of the team.The ability to design usable, attractive user interfaces is needed (most of the work is on our client-facing interfaces).We need knowledge of browser and app interaction (specifically single-signon, javascript-java bridging, intents and mime-types, cookie injection and other techniques)The developer has to be familiar with change management software such as SVN and Git and Jira for issue tracking and reporting.Networking and low-level TCP/IP experience is a must, most of the work will have to do with VPN, routing, NAT traversal, IP filtering and firewalls, etc. OpenVPN and general security/encryption experience would be preferable.Also, we need someone who is able to create and execute unit testing and initial QA on apps, including creation of test plans and setting up test environments for our QA engineers.


The primary requirement for this position is an app developer that has worked on all four platforms (Windows, Mac OSX, iOS and Android). They should understand how to develop and deploy applications, as well as understanding the differences and limitations of apps on them.
Secondary requirements are:

  • Webtool/webview/CEF experience (or other similar embedded browser platforms).
  • Knowledge of networking specifically socket programming, TCP/IP stack, IP routing, subnets, gateways, http proxies
  • Ability to do layout and UI design on apps, specifically user interactions, differences between the various platforms
  • Experience with real-time notification systems (node.js, React, etc)
  • Experience with deploying apps on the iTunes iOS/OSX store, Google Play Store, Microsoft App store, Amazon App store and other app platforms

“Nice to have” requirements are:

  • VPN app experience, specifically OpenVPN servers and apps
  • advanced app/browser interactions including cert injection, chrome apps, mime-types, browser intents
  • Linux app experience, specifically working with UI such as KDE/Gnome/Unity and others
  • Security experience, specifically PKI, encryption, x.509 certificates, SSL, Deep Packet Inspection, packet analyzers such as Wireshark, etc.
  • we are willing to consider developers with less than 5 years experience but no fresh grads or candidates with no app development experience.


  • Work in the office or from a coffee shop when needed.
  • Flexible hours and schedule.
  • Interact with the team online.
  • Join a fun, interactive office team excited about the company's future.
  • Enjoy your holidays off.
  • Competitive benefits package available.

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