Private Internet Access

Keep your internet connection private and secure

Private Tunnel is taking a new approach to internet security, privacy, and cyber protection.
Fast and secure VPN Service
Private Tunnel secures and protects your path across the internet and works seamlessly across all devices. Our service delivers a reliable private internet access service and promises a smooth experience no matter how heavy your internet usage is.

Your IP address and other sensitive information stays hidden, which means that you get to securely access the internet or browse at top speeds.

AES Encryption
The worldwide standard in encryption is AES. The block size makes it virtually uncrackable, making it less open to cyber attacks than other ciphers. AES is the leading encryption algorithm.

24/7 Support
We offer 24/7 email support, LIVE web chat support and ticketing support. You can also email - we’re always here for you.
<VPN hot spot protection
Hot Spot Protection
Did you know you don’t control the hot spot you’re connected to when surfing the web at your favorite coffee shop? Our software makes sure your traffic is encrypted no matter who operates that public wi-fi.
<Private Tunnel VPN is faster than the competition
Faster than the Competition
Our VPN technology is built on our next generation OpenVPN functionality that no one else on the market can harness.
Why choose private tunnel
Why choose us? We're glad you asked. Because we were created and built by our company OpenVPN, technically - we’re the best.

Our security conscious developers and team members always have your internet privacy at the heart of what they do.
have true private access to the internet with Private Tunnel VPN

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