Cyber Security

Protect Yourself from Malicious Threats

We prevent more than one million cyber threats a day.
Proactive Malware Protection
We are not an anti-virus provider. We do offer technology that identifies and blocks many known malware threats that are on the internet today. We help block these potential attacks before they even get to you. It’s always good to have added layers of protection.

In today’s online world, anti-virus tools aren’t always enough to save you from threats. Save yourself the hassle of having to clean up infected devices by using Private Tunnel.

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<Block online threats with a VPN
Block Online Threats
Block known threats that could compromise your internet experience while surfing. Protect yourself against malware and DDoS attacks.
<Shield your devices with VPN
Shield Your Devices
Whatever you’re using your device for, we will filter and block attacks that could destroy or slow down your connection to the world wide web.
<Stop hackers with a VPN
Stop Hackers
If your computer is already infected with malware, Private Tunnel will block communication to the hacker’s server.
<Protect personal information with a VPN
Protect Personal Information
Keep your private information on your device away from the eyes of online criminals.
The Cost of being Unprotected
Did you know you're 20 more times more likely to be robbed while at your computer by a criminal than being held up on the street? Millions of people every year become victims of cyber criminals.

From malware to ransomware, and man-in-the-middle attacks, every day people on the net are being hit by malicious threats they can't recover from. We're not saying our cyber security is the only tool you should be using, but it works when running side by side with other solutions. You deserve to be protected; save yourself the hassle of being hacked.
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