What the Election’s Cyber Security Issues Mean for Your Business

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The recent U.S. Presidential election highlighted significant issues for cybersecurity advocates around the world. U.S. agencies specialize cyber defense. Yet recent reports show that the Democratic National Convention and many leading political figures were hacked during the recent election. This happened despite having the protection of some of the leading cyber security agencies and systems.

Your company likely has less sophisticated systems in place to protect its vital business intelligence and operations systems. The recent election showed that cyber security should be a major concern for any organization. Even though a highly-protected system was successfully hacked, your company can still have sufficient protection to ward off attacks. If you are concerned about your company’s cyber security, here’s what you can learn from the recent election.

Cyber Security Should Be a Major Concern

The U.S. government treats cyber security very seriously. The government maintains extensive security systems to protect critical infrastructure components. Some of these systems even help protect businesses around the country. However, the government alone cannot mitigate every threat. Your company is responsible for protecting itself from threats.

Your company needs to invest in developing an appropriate level of defense. Every company doesn’t need extremely powerful and expensive defense systems. However, your company should have a strong enough cyber security system to protect against the threats that it encounters daily. This includes emails, internet, and infrastructure defenses. These are widely available in free and paid forms. Regardless of what sector your company is in, it needs to have an appropriate level of defense.

Anyone Can Be a Target

Before the election, many believed that hackers only targeted big, lucrative organizations. It is a reasonable thought, given that many of the high-profile targets of the last ten years have been industry-leading retail organizations like Target. Most companies are nowhere near that size, so many businesses assume that they are safe.

The election showed us that anyone can be a target for hacking. Hackers specifically go after organizations that they feel are good targets. In the election, the DNC was a critical target for hackers.

This could easily happen to your company, too. If your company is profitable, makes a product, or has weak security, it can quickly become a target for hackers. The most important thing to remember is that although anyone can be a target for hacking, weak cyber security makes hacking more likely. If your company has sufficient cyber security systems in place, your company is far more likely to avoid cyber security attacks.

The hacking during the Presidential election changed the perceptions of businesses and individuals around the country in terms of cyber security and hacking. All businesses should now recognize their own vulnerabilities. Your company can prevent many of the issues seen in the election by investing in a cyber security system that maintains an appropriate level of protection against the threats that your company is expected to see. If you are rethinking your company’s cyber security systems, now it the appropriate time to analyze your current cyber security policy.

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