How to marry your cloud computing and cyber security worlds.

Our CEO shared these stats from the 2017 State of the Cloud Survey in a recent Forbes post. The stats paint a picture of the new business landscape as it’s been redefined by cloud computing:

  1. Businesses are using the cloud to manage more workloads (52%) and initiate projects (40%), among other objectives.
  2. Companies that use public clouds average 3.6 clouds in operation at any given time; those using private clouds average 4.4.
  3. IT teams increasingly take on cloud roles such as selecting public cloud (65%), deciding which apps are used with the cloud (63%) and setting cloud-use policies (58%).
  4. Resources, security, cost, compliance and performance increasingly are less of a challenge for cloud users.

Cloud computing is a rapidly growing market that continues to expand in capabilities while simplifying adoption. Within your organization, you may use the cloud for running software, saving files, hosting databases and more.

But how are you protecting your sensitive data hosted in the cloud? Here are some best practices we suggest implementing:

  • Require multi-factor authentication to access all cloud-based solutions.
  • Keep permissions appropriate and updated. Grant access only to what employees need for their jobs. Don’t grant global rights. And as soon as job roles change or an employee leaves the company, change and revoke rights.
  • Train your people. Phishing attacks are responsible for a large percentage of breaches. These can only be stopped by teaching employees how to recognize them and not fall prey.
  • Protect user credentials for remote workers through VPNs. Make sure your users don’t allow hackers to steal their usernames and passwords to cloud services by requiring the added protection of VPN when they connect via public Wi-Fi.

Make your cloud secure by implementing the right policies. Cloud computing has redefined the business landscape. Update your cyber security to support this new world.


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