3 Types of Security Training Employees Need Annually

IT Training

Your company’s cyber security procedures must be reinforced periodically to stay effective. Your staff will slowly fall out of the appropriate practices throughout the year and will need gentle reminders and training to get back on track. Also, IT security threats change over time, so your staff will need to be updated on new threats and procedures. There are several key areas where you should focus your company’s training efforts. Here are the types of security training employees need annually.

Email Security Training

Email continues to be an important part of company operations and a continued source of cyber security threats. Incoming emails can contain malware and inappropriate email usage can expose vital business intelligence to your company’s competition. Every year, your company should hold training sessions for staff members regarding how to protect their email accounts against cyber security threats. Consider hosting separate training sessions on how to use the email system properly to limit the release of important information. Your company should also distribute handouts that staff members can use as references throughout the year to stay compliant with email security policies.

Internet Security Training

The internet presents one of the biggest and most diverse threats to system security that your company will face. There are countless sources of malware, viruses, hackers, and other threats that can take advantage of your company’s inconsistent internet security policies to steal your information. Employees need periodic training to be updated on changes in internet security protocols. Each year, your company should hold a training session to demonstrate how employees should and shouldn’t use the internet at work. This includes explaining various types of threats and setting guidelines for internet use on company computers.

Information Sharing Procedures Training

While malware, viruses, and hackers are a big risk for your information security, your employees are a much more likely source of risk. Your employees have access to your company’s vital information. If they don’t know how to protect that information while performing their duties, it is likely that they will expose that information to the wrong people. Your employees need periodic training to understand how to protect information while being effective at their jobs.

Each year, your company should schedule a training session to teach staff members how to use the company’s confidential and proprietary information while keeping it secure. This includes how to share that information internally. Most companies rely on email for internal communications, but email exposes that information to a third-party service provider and network. Instead, teach your staff members how to send information through secure methods, and let them know what information can be sent to external sources. Focus on teaching them to how to differentiate between secret and non-secret information, as well as which channels to use for each.

Security training is an important part of maintaining your company’s security systems. Your company’s staff needs to understand how to use the appropriate procedures to ensure that your systems stay secure. To improve your company’s cyber security, plan training annually.


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