VPN has evolved... and so have we.

Private Tunnel is no longer available to new users. Our existing customers can still use it, but there’s a better way.

Masking Without Blacklisting
Masking Without Blacklisting
Masking Without Blacklisting

A VPN-assigned public IP address masks activity, but it also puts you at risk of being blacklisted due to illegal activities by other users.

Cyber Shield focuses on protecting users rather than disguising users.

Advanced Content Filtering

Block websites and even categorize the content you want to filter out.

From malware, Adult Content, Alcohol and Drugs, Gambling, Hacking and Cracking, P2P and Proxies – shield yourself against unwanted sites.

Block Malicious Sites

With an extensive database of domain names associated with malware and malicious content, Cyber Shield prevents browsers from loading dangerous content.

DNS Traffic, Secured

No need to worry about slow speeds. With Cyber Shield, high-speed internet access is maintained and DNS traffic is encrypted by connecting to any one of our regions.

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